Boxi (1974 -)

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Boxi was born in 1974 in Kent, UK and is a British Urban Style Artists. In 1996 Boxi concluded his studies at London’s St. Martins School of Art with a BA in painting. Since 2000 he lives and works in Berlin. Boxi is one of the outstanding Stencil-Künstlern. He creates multi-layered, life size stencils which feel almost real. He cuts these by hand and he has exhibited both on the road as well as in galleries. The full effect of the template is usually only achieved by their placement in the urban landscape or as part of an installation. “Boxi calls the individual process of perception into consciousness and exposes the widespread tendency of things to rezipieren (to receive or adapt) only superficially. With its interventions in commonplace appearing objects or situations he questioned the visible and clear that final truths cannot be shown. In addition to obvious references to Romantic painting to the beginnings of conceptual art and Marcel Duchamp’s development of the readymade , has Boxi intensively with Picasso dealt pastel drawing “the Embrace” (L’étreinte) 1903 “. Cordelia Marten | Boxi In:  Urban Art Works from the Reinking Collection; Hatje Cantz.