Orlando Weeks ‘The Gritterman’

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When The Maccabees decided to split in 2016, frontman Orlando Weeks looked to his training as an illustrator at Brighton University to occupy his mind before the end of the band’s remaining tour dates. The result is ‘The Gritterman’, a touching children’s story written and illustrated by Weeks that pays homage to his dead grandfather, Bill.

The book sees him questioning his own purpose, his passions and his next steps – in retrospect it seems natural that he would look to his own father’s and grandfather’s lives to compare, although he says he wasn’t entirely conscious of any similarities until the book was completed.

PUOSU is lucky enough to include one of Weeks’ original illustration depicting The Gritterman, spade in hand as he trudges through the snow. We can’t wait to see what Weeks does next!

From The Gritterman by Orlando Weeks, 2016

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