Helen Beard (1971 – )

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Helen Beard (b. 1971, Birmingham, UK) studied at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art and Design and went on to have a fifteen year career as an assistant art director in the film industry. During this time, Helen continued with her artistic practice, working in the diverse mediums of paint, collage and needlepoint.

Her work vibrates with movement and colour in a celebration of the erotic experience. Using a vibrant palette and an ever changing framework: from close-crops to wide shots, to create a landscape of intimacy. Her paintings are a textural fusion between form and colour, utilising sinuous brush strokes in a motion akin to stroking skin.

Since 2000, she has exhibited in numerous group shows, including ‘Simulation Skin’ and ‘True Colours’ at Newport Street Gallery. Solo shows include ‘It’s Her Factory’ at UNIT London and her first international exhibition, ‘The Desire Path’ at Reflex Amsterdam.

Helen’s work has recently been translated into a series of silkscreen prints, produced with UNIT Drops, Reflex Amsterdam and Paul Stolper Gallery. She has also collaborated with Felt Culture to produce two limited-edition bags featuring her paintings.

– helenbeard.art