Jay Howell (1979 – )

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Jay Howell is an illustrator living in California. He created the main characters for such hit television programs as Bob’s Burgers and Sanjay and Craig, the latter of which he is the executive producer, co-creator, and art director for. He also works with fashion companies like Vans and Gucci. Howell’s zine anthology, Punks Git Cut, showcases his love of dogs, boobs, skateboard culture, and general hanging loose. Jay is also the author of other countless zines and books, most recently the instructional guides; Dog and Dog Information and Let Me Tell You Where to Stick It (with Audrey Erickson). Jay is also co-owner of the record label Mt St Mtn, who with partner Mark Kaiser.

Two colour screen print on cotton rag
61cm x 45.75cm (24.4 x 18.3 in)