Noah Taylor (1969 – )

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Noah Taylor has worked in that garish world known as showbiz most of his adult life, best known for his acting roles he has also been making music and painting since his teens but has only been exhibiting his work in the last five years with his first solo exhibition being held in his native Australia last year. The show sold out. Noah lives and works in Brighton, England and is the father of a four year old girl. Politically and artistically he has been describing himself as a non committed catholic neo situationist. Whatever that means. Noah says: “These images have dogged me all my life and I tend to avoid over analyzing them or any creative endeavor for that matter. I never plan an image but often start with a template background of an isolated landscape that recurs in most of my work, it’s an Australian landscape but nowhere in particular. The characters tend to be lonely isolated figures, but their situation is ambiguous, I prefer to keep the work untitled generally so as the viewer can read into it whatever they like. Religious art and comic books are my two primary sources of inspiration and influence.