Roid is a renowned typographer who works entirely by hand with painstaking precision on a variety of canvases. These canvases include wood, paper, and even building walls. Roid is also graffiti street artist from London. Roid, who is often known as Roids, paints with a broad range of influences ranging from computer programs to graffiti artists, Japanese graphic designers, and airbrush techniques. His street art and graffiti can be described as innovative and progressive with an immense talent with letterforms. Roid constantly adds change and new design references to his work. His work is very easy to identify and it always helps extend the graffiti boundaries that often lead into never before imagined locations. These boundary-pushing innovative technical murals have created a graffiti style of their own.  He is clearly no follower in the traditional graffiti.

For over 10 years, Roids endured the graffiti movement in his hometown of London. It was there that he enjoyed a long campaign of street and subway wall graffiti. Although he gained local recognition, it was not until about 2008 that his graffiti work really began to gain momentum.

In 2008, Roid graduated from London’s Camberwell College of art. In the same year, he joined one of the worlds most famous graffiti crew known as MSK. MSK features worldwide known artists Revok, Saber, Rime, Sever, Retna and others.

His work has also earned him a spot as one of today’s premier graffiti artists.