Seonna Hong (1973 – )

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Seonna Hong is a contemporary Los Angeles-based artist working in the genre known as lowbrow or alternatively, pop surrealism. Her work as a background painter has appeared in animation for television and motion pictures, most notably in the Nickelodeon (TV channel) series, My Life as a Teenage Robot, for which she received an Emmy Award in 2003. Her paintings have appeared in exhibitions in Los Angeles, New York, the Pacific Northwest, and Tokyo, Japan. Hong’s artwork was also featured in the opening show of Chelsea’s Jonathan LeVine Gallery, entitled “Pop Pluralism.” Her first book Animus was published by Baby Tattoo Books in 2006. She worked on The Mighty B! as an art director and background painter from 2008 to 2011. She works closely with ex-husband Tim Biskup, with whom she has a daughter.