Reginald Aloysius

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Reginald S Aloysius is a British Tamil Sri Lankan born in London and while initially beginning his studies in Economics and Politics at Manchester University it is this background that has informed his work exploring themes of globalisation, emigration, and … Continued

Pryce Lee (1975 – )

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Pryce Lee (b. 1975, lives and works between New York, NY and Birmingham, UK.) Pryce Lee’s work interchanges between social commentary, personal experience and actual events. Lee experiments with diverse concepts, techniques and mediums to create visually arresting work that … Continued

Paul Chizik

Chizik sees himself primarily as a painter and then an artist. As a painter, he’s concerned with the rheology of the change in shape of matter, thus the flow and plasticity of paint. “The morphology (shapes and structure) of art … Continued

Parker Ito (1986 – )

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Multimedia and digital artist Parker Ito is known for his manipulations of found imagery and web-based systems of communication. “I am passionate about the internet, and making work about the effects that the internet has had on traditional objects is … Continued

Oscar Murillo (1986 – )

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Oscar Murillo’s large-scale paintings imply action, performance, and chaos, but are in fact methodically composed of rough-hewn, stitched canvases that often incorporate fragments of text as well as studio debris such as dirt and dust. His paintings, video works, and … Continued

Nick Pilato (1986 – )

Pilato debuts a series of paintings consisting of concrete and oil paint on canvas. Each work combines gritty textures and a rich color palette evoking nature and organic substances. The paintings are material compositions, disrupted through varying phases of deterioration, … Continued